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See through it.
Through it,
EIRO exists as an inter-dimensional beacon and portal between virtual and physical realms.

It seeks to
communicate & evolve with your help, challenging us to rethink the way we connect. Engage through play… speak in color and visualize sound.
EIRO currently located in Grand Rapids, MI for ArtPrize
Follow these steps on how to vote for EIRO during ArtPrize 2022  here

Voting ends Sept 29. Winners announced Sept 30 2022.
Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 8.35.25 AM.png

Click below to visit EIRO from anywhere in the world, in 3D:


EIRO: Universe

A virtual 3D realm in which you can visit EIRO from anywhere in the world. Dive deeper into the vision and creation behind EIRO through this explorative gallery adventure.

EIRO: Affinity

The first physical manifestation of EIRO landing at Artprize in Grand Rapids, MI September 15 - October 2nd, 2022. With this visit, we explore communication with things we may not understand. EIRO is awaiting your input…

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 8.38.11 PM.png
Communication Panel Web-app

Interact with the EIRO: Affinity from your browser or phone. See the art’s evolution progress, and witness a live stream of how EIRO reacts in real time.



Since the beginning of time, we have created art and architecture designed to look at and experience. EIRO aims to be the first movement of art that looks back at you, creating connectivity between communities on a global scale. We want to create a new way to share culture, eliminating the veil of time and space between people. EIRO is a new form of interactive art in the digital era. An era defined by the ability to see and be seen anywhere in real-time.


As an ephemeral object in the Playa, EIRO aims to interact with the community present and with global followers participating virtually in the shared experience of the immersive event that is Burning Man – bringing a new vision of experiencing the playa from afar.


Designed to be an ephemeral epicenter of major cultural events, EIRO brings VR technology to create immersive vantage points. This beacon can appear anywhere: an art/music festival, a developing city or even areas of conflict, creating a new form of connection and an artifact for the voyeuristic age.

The immersive experience is the craving of modern humanity. Events and installations that bring together culture, art, food, and human connection are gaining traction as unique and varied experiences that exist ephemerally. EIRO creates a space for this immersion into all forms of creativity and uses virtual reality to bring that experience to a global audience. Imagine the ability to experience Burning Man from anywhere with a WiFi connection. This vision reaches far beyond the Playa, bringing the technology to any cultural event.

Team & Collaboators


Noah Kaplan

CIO (Chief Imagination Officer)

Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio

CVO (Chief Vibe Officer)


Aaron Grunwald

CVO (Chief Vision Officer)

Ryan Goold

CEO (Chief Ephemeral Officer)



The best way to contact and stay up to date with the latest news is through our Instagram. Reach out to talk to the team, share inspiration, and chat about potential partnerships & collaborations.

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