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Eyes. Eyes like infinite embers emulsify and behind them dreams as the depths of the seas. Eyes. The embers of 1 trillion souls burning on the surface of our sacred earth. As the digital conscious takes shape, swarms of satellites and mechanical hummingbirds peer down and bare witness like paintings and shrines. We can see through new dimensions and traverse time in lemonade space as the air itself carries invisible waves and waves and waves and waves and waves of information connecting synaptic rhymes. The perspective came and the new veil has been lifted.


And while ancient is still just a blink in the duality to the impatient power that created all things, we can rejoice as we have seen. We strain to greet the lunatic sun and look through the moon and tides.


Hieroglyphics take shape as the fourth dimension peers back at us. May everything we see, see us. May all we hear, hear us. The mirror of every universe staring at us as the paradox unwinds. We wake up and climb like angels as we draw the shape of the sky.

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